Rosie The Riveter

New Orleans, Here Come the Rosies!

I’m a proud member of the American Rosie the Riveter Association, a national organization founded in 1992 to provide fellowship for and preserve the legacy of the original WWII Rosies. Our Annual Convention draws World War II Rosies and their descendants and friends from just about every state. This year the convention was held in the magical city of New Orleans, and I was lucky enough to go along with a group representing the Michigan Rosies, including Ypsilanti’s WWII Original Rosies Carol and Virginia!

Words cannot describe the wonderful experience of gathering so many WWII Rosies together in one place, to honor them and enjoy their company. The weekend’s festivities kicked off with a second-line parade in the hotel, led by a genuine New Orleans brass band. Led by the band and parade marshall, the Rosies danced in line and tossed beads and coins to onlookers! It was an unforgettable experience for all.

In addition to gumbo, beignets, and horse carriage tours of the French Quarter, the Rosies were honored at the National World War II Museum and were invited to sit in shifts at the revered “Veterans Table” to greet guests, answer their questions and share stories. This was the first time that Rosie the Riveters, or anyone other than WWII combat veterans, were honored in this way at the Museum.

There were so many special and unforgettable moments, that the only way to share them is with pictures! (see below and scroll…)

If you’d like to attend the Annual ARRA Convention, visit for information on the coming year’s event.

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