Rosie The Riveter, Video, Willow Run Bomber Plant

Willow Run Rosies Make a Video

A wonderful group of people got together to help the Willow Run Rosies make this video.

Rosie Jane Vass was the producer and choreographer, and the star is Alison Beatty, the original “Tribute” Rosie.

Alison is a University of Michigan grad student who saw the Save The Willow Run Bomber Plant sign at the corner of Stadium and Jackson this past July, and drove by it several times before looking it up online to see what it was all about.

When she visited the website, and learned more, she thought two things. One, “This is really important and we have to save that Bomber Plant!” And two, “What would have made me look this up sooner?”

So she decided to dress as Rosie the Riveter, and stand next to the sign at rush hour. You can read more about Alison in a news article here.

Alison inspired the rest of us, and now we are a troupe of Tribute Rosies, dedicated to helping save a part of Willow Run to honor the Greatest Generation, for the benefit of future generations.

Also featured in the video are two 1942 WWII-era GPWs (Jeeps) owned by John Sanderson and Bob Schrock, and the Yankee Air Museum’s PB4Y, which was a very late model of the B-24, without the twin tails, produced for the Navy. It was the closest thing we could get. And the young Sanderson girls, as you can see, are simply adorable in the video.

The opening and closing shot is set in front of the two giant doors at the end of the assembly line, where the finished B-24 Liberators from the dual assembly lines would roll out onto the tarmac for gun and compass testing, and their maiden flights over Michigan.

Those doors still work perfectly, and are located in the part of the plant that we are trying to save as a new home for the Yankee Air Museum.

If you enjoyed this video, do your part to keep a little piece of the Willow Run Bomber Plant alive for future generations. $50 saves 1 sq. ft. of the Willow Run Bomber plant at

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