Willow Run Bomber Plant

A Gentleman Who Worked at Willow Run With the Rosies


After today’s Arsenal of Democracy Conference at the Yankee Air Museum, the public was given an opportunity to step inside the Willow Run Bomber Plant to see it one last time before most of it is demolished to make way for a connected-vehicle test facility.

It was also announced today that demolition would be configured to allow Yankee 5 more months to raise the funds necessary to preserve a portion of the Plant as their new home.

Very exciting news, and a very exciting day!

I met and talked to three real, elderly “Rosie the Riveters” who worked at the Plant, and one gentleman, pictured above, Ivan, originally from Indiana. He worked in the Willow Run Bomber Plant as a young man, working on the line, building B-24s, “with a Rosie on each side, until the Ohio draft board figured out where I was!”

Ivan has a great sense of humor, and as you can see by my big smile, I was utterly smitten with him.

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